Top 10 Retail Tech Companies in Europe - 2018
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Top 10 Retail Tech Companies in Europe - 2018

As ages passed, the intricacy of the retail business has increased multifold. With a show that has been stolen by the e-commerce act, retail brick-and-mortar is leaving no stone unturned to hold the market share. In this process, retails have come to understand the importance of customer preference and intentions. As a means to the ends, retail solution providers resort to multiple data sources, data from where is collated and analyzed. The source of data can range from social media, e-commerce purchase history, and POS end points, among numerous sources of customer interactions that help retail chains make amendment in business strategy.

Against this backdrop, IoT-based retail solutions are changing the customer experience that is offered based on the previous purchases made, through offering diverse offers and discounts. Harvesting a certain level of importance to mobile devices, payments made through mobiles are faster and less complicated, forming a pivotal part in strengthening the connection between customers and retailers, through loyalty programs. As the opportunity for the utility and application and for retailing solutions has increased dramatically, retailers breathe a sigh of relief with the support of retailing solutions.

Like any other arena, retail solutions landscape has no dearth of solution providers and thus zeroing in on the apt one remains an uphill task for CIOs. To help them tread on the right path, Retail CIO Outlook’s distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board has come with Top 10 Retail Tech Companies in Europe 2018. In our selection process, we have evaluated the vendor’s competency to provide efficient as well cost-effective retail solutions and services.

Top Retail Tech Companies in Europe

Enables retailers to scale relevant customer communications with integrated AI and Marketing Automation solutions

Provides smartphone positioning and active tag tracking for a range of applications, such as large venue navigation, person and asset tracking, person flow analysis for retail applications

A global Digital Solutions Company for Fortune 500 and fast-growing organizations alike around the world

Develops highly innovative, mobile and reliable soft-and hardware solutions dedicated to warehouse management, transport and shipping, and retail



Provides innovative solutions and services to transform retail stores into an attractive and efficient sales space that offer a compelling and unique shopping experience to consumers

Provides complete visibility and unprecedented control to deliver improved experiences and maximum value to client network and applications

Provides customer identity solutions that assist the retailers to tackle the shifting digital landscape and enhance the omnichannel experience for retail customers

Mobilosoft provides retail franchises with an all-in-one local marketing software that helps them flexibly manage their digital marketing efforts

Delivers a distributed order management solution to retail companies

Provides an advanced tax solution to automate and centralize retailers’ tax processes to improve their overall business