Infovista: Extending the Frontiers of Knowledge in Network Performance and Application...

Infovista: Extending the Frontiers of Knowledge in Network Performance and Application Control

Neil Dunham, VP Sales of UK and Ireland, InfovistaNeil Dunham, VP Sales of UK and Ireland
“Digital Transformation is changing the way we work, consume various products, and live our lives,” begins Neil Dunham, VP-Sales of UK and Ireland, Infovista. “While the retail industry is in a constant state of evolution, retailers need to constantly improve the in-store experience at the same time as maximizing operational efficiency in order to understand and meet consumer expectations. ”Empowering retailers to radically transform their in-store experience, Infovista is uniquely positioned to give knowledge and control over the performance of all applications and WAN connectivity. “This enables retailers to adapt business models and adopt new technologies faster, with lower risk and higher impact,” explains Dunham.

With the underlying theme “Know Your Network,” Infovista is driven by the objective to increase the knowledge and control of its customers with regard to IT performance and to be able to automate the optimization of that performance in real time and at all layers. Having started its journey in Service Performance Assurance, Infovista took the leap to help enterprises ensure that they achieved prime returns on their networking investments, and assist service providers to demonstrate their value to the enterprises served. Infovista provides its customers with fully automated real-time vision and control of the performance of their physical network and all related applications with its Service Performance Assurance and Application Performance Orchestration solutions. The company is agnostic in relation to network vendors and application developers and seeks only to improve the operational efficiency of the client’s working environment. “In addition to the in-store benefits we deliver, our solutions in cellular and fixed networks also support the logistics functions of our retail customers,” says Dunham.

At the core, Infovista delivers advanced application intelligence with its application security module.

Our focus remains centered on our core capabilities of automating performance improvements to provide customers with access to the business agility of new technologies

The product’s ability to control network traffic at the application level makes it possible to block unknown or blacklisted applications at their source and prevent them from accessing customer network. “This feature becomes especially valuable in the light of increasing reports of malware attacks, ensuring that our clients are safe,” adds Dunham.

The company also future-proofs clients, in line with the network evolution such as SD-WAN or NFV, without a fixed timeline or strategy. Dunham elaborates, “We aim to start solving business problems as fast as possible to enable the rapid rollout of promotions and services that satisfy business demands of customers.” This ensures that when companies attempt to make significant changes to their infrastructure, the Infovista solution acts as an agnostic overlay that offers the same values and benefits both during and after the network transformation.

Infovista’s dexterity in consistently delivering the best in-store experience can be explained with the success story of Dixons Carphone. A rapidly transforming retailer focusing on in-store customer services and an immersive buying experience, Dixons Carphone was faced with significant reduction in sales conversions and difficulties in completing customer purchases, following the launch of their tablet-based POS platform called PinPoint. Infovista was introduced to provide a solution, and in less than six weeks, the company deployed its solution in over 600 retail stores. This led to a 40 percent increase in sales conversions and 30 percent increase in NPS, thus solving the issue at hand and benefitting the client organization.

Infovista operates globally, both as a direct entity and through a range of regional and global partners and aims to evolve its partner landscape to offer more choices and better resources to its customers. From the technology perspective, Infovista continues to invest in R&D while looking at further opportunities for acquisition. “Our focus will always be centred on our core capabilities of automating performance improvements to provide our customers with access to the business agility of new technologies,” Dunham concludes.
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Neil Dunham, VP Sales of UK and Ireland

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